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Welcome to Earthville

Creative Solutions for a Thriving Global Village

Earthville LLC is an altruistic business offering empowering and responsible products and services for the compassionate global citizen and the sustainable global village.

Earthville LLC was established in 1999 to leverage the power of business to help create a better world, primarily through three avenues:

  • Empowering caring global citizens to live healthier, more joyful, and more sustainable lifestyles;
  • Providing responsible businesses, nonprofits, schools, and creative professionals with wisdom, knowledge and tools to achieve their goals more effectively and sustainably;
  • Facilitating connections across cultural and geographical borders to cultivate healthy and sustainable global community.

Earthville LLC has 20+ years of experience working internationally in the fields of responsible business development, arts and creative media, information technology, ecotourism and sustainable development, education and training.

To engage our services, or to discuss how we might partner with you to build a more sustainable, compassionate, and thriving world, we welcome you to contact us.