About Earthville LLC

Founded in 1999, Earthville LLC is an altruistic business offering empowering services for the compassionate global citizen and the sustainable global village.

The Earthville Mission

Our mission is to use the power of conscious, compassionate commerce to improve our local and global communities, and to provide relevant and responsible goods and services that enable conscious lifestyles. Our primary objectives are:

  • To build a powerful and innovative business that remains profitable while proactively promoting humane and ecological values and goals; a business that raises the standard for corporate consciousness while forging exciting and inviting new industries; a business that meets financial goals while maintaining a nurturing environment in which its employees, partners, clients and customers can thrive personally and professionally; a business that all who come near us will love;
  • To cultivate community and heal our world by bringing people together across cultural and geographical divides through events, environments and experiences that facilitate learning, healing, personal growth and progressive change, “giving back” to our communities and leveraging the positive power of our resources for the global good.

The Earthville Team

Earthville LLC brings together a team of committed social entrepreneurs, cultural creatives, and compassionate consultants with years of experience bridging the worlds of business and altruistic service. Their backgrounds span the spheres of technology, media, the arts, education, sustainable development, and myriad forms of not-for-profit community development and peacemaking work.

President: Mark Moore

Mark Moore brings to Earthville LLC a diverse portfolio of skills and experiences that enable him to bridge the fields of commerce, community, creativity and culture. Mark is a social entrepreneur, creative media producer, and writer with twenty years experience in the field of public charities, including over a decade living and working internationally, as well as two decades of experience in the music industry, from composition to production to retail. He is the founder and president of the Earthville Network, an international charitable organization working toward a sustainable and compassionate global village. He also serves on the boards or leadership councils of several charitable and philanthropic organizations, including the Moore Foundation, the Harmony Project, the Dharmalaya Institute, Tergar International, and the Earthville Network.

Mark divides his time between Asia, Europe, and the US, launching and managing initiatives to cultivate responsible global citizenship and sustainable development through service-learning, cultural exchanges, media, and the arts. Mark earned a dual BA in Political Studies and Creative Production from Pitzer College in Claremont, California, and continues his studies of cultures, languages, communication, and collaboration worldwide.

Legalities & Formalities

Earthville LLC is a privately-owned Colorado limited liability company with a fundamental commitment to proactively altruistic responsible business. It began operations in 1999, doing business internationally from its bases in California and Texas before moving its legal home to Colorado in 2011.

Copyright Information

All material on the Earthville LLC websites (including but not limited to text, photos, illustrations, video, audio, animation and other content) is copyright Earthville LLC, all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated for specific content.

Except for press coverage or nonprofit educational use, the material contained in this site may not be reproduced in any form or utilized in any profit-making venture without the prior express written consent of Earthville LLC.

To request permission to reproduce any material from this website or use such material for purposes other than nonprofit educational purposes or press coverage, contact us here.

Trademark Information

The “Earthville” name and logo are a trademarks and service marks of Earthville LLC and the Earthville Network, used in trade internationally since 1997. “Creative Solutions for a Thriving Global Village” is a service mark of Earthville LLC used in trade internationally since 2011. “The sustainable living company,” “Earthville Market,”  “Earthville Consulting” and “the sustainable living store” are service marks of Earthville LLC used in trade internationally since 2002.

More About Earthville

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For information about the Earthville Network, our principal nonprofit partner, see earthville.org.
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